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Are You Working on a Temporary Position and Looking for a Full-Time Job?

Being a temporary employee means having to go that extra mile besides just doing your job.

You need to make sure you’re making the right impressions with the right people while doing your job at the same time.  Think of it as an audition for a full-time position.  That added pressure of trying to land a permanent position can be enough for anyone to lose their focus.

However, a temporary situation is a great opportunity, and keeping a few things in mind can help you stay on the path to a more-secure position with the company or let you walk away with new skills and connections.

Be the best employee you can be

Come in each day as the best possible professional version of yourself. This doesn’t mean changing who you are or agreeing with everybody, but it does mean having an enthusiastic attitude about the job and the people you are now working with. If you’re not naturally outgoing, this can be a bit uncomfortable; however, your new co-workers will appreciate the positive effort.

Also, try to listen carefully to instructions and take notes as much as possible. You may be used to procedures from school or a past job, so make sure to pay careful attention to the way things are done at the new workplace.

Think beyond the basic duties

Once you have the basics down and are starting to flourish, consider stepping outside of your basic responsibilities. This includes taking initiative on certain projects, building connections within the company and learning new skills.

If you have the time and a project pops up that speaks to your skill set, consider volunteering to help in an appropriate capacity. Or, you could ask if there is anything else you could help with or work on. Proactive employees are seen as valuable and taking initiative could increase your chances of making the job full-time.

As an extension of coming in with a good attitude, try to leverage that enthusiasm by connecting with people in the company. Making connections can not only increase your chances of getting hired, it can also pay dividends in the form of professional references, recommendations and even LinkedIn connections.

Finally, you should always be looking to gain new skills in a temp-to-hire position. Even if you don’t get hired, any new skills are feathers in you cap for the next employment endeavor.

Be prepared not to get hired

Getting hired by the company you’re working at may be your ultimate goal, but be prepared for the possibility that it may not happen.

Make sure you keep your resume current while in  a temporary position even if it’s long term. Having a current resume means you’re prepared if the temporary assignment ends and your talent acquisition agency immediately sends you off to interview at another company.

Also, always have a ‘next move’ or back-up plan in place just in case the assignment suddenly ends. If you like the temp position you’re in, keep your eyes peeled similar positions at other companies. If you don’t like your current role, then let that inform your strategy.

At CAREERXCHANGE, we have a range of temporary and temp-to-hire positions available and we’re always rooting for you to land that permanent job. We’ll keep in touch and support you any way we can in trying to find you’re the perfect employment situation.

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