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What Are Best Practices for Companies Working With a Talent Acquisition Firm?

Acquiring talent on a temporary or contractual basis is great way to expand your team, beef up during busier periods of the year or complete a special project. When selecting a Talent Acquisition Firm, there are a number of best practices for companies to follow. CAREERXCHANGE has developed some tips and shares a number of them in this blog article.

Maintain the Job Description

One way to build trust with a talent acquisition firm is for a company to post a job description with duties and responsibilities and then have the employee do exactly that when they work for the company. In some instances in temporary situations and in full-time positions, a job description doesn’t match the actual responsibilities of the position.

If a job description changes midway through the hiring process or during the start of the employee’s time with the company, they should contact the Talent Acquisition Firm and let them know.  At CAREERXCHANGE®, we instruct our temporary/contract employees to contact us if their job description changes.

Get the Most Successful Outcome

When the person arrives on their first day, make sure they are on-boarded properly.  Show them the appropriate parking area, introduce them to the other employees in the area and who they will report to, the hours including lunch and what the expectations are for their time at the job.

In addition to a solid introduction, give the temporary employee proper training, make them feel that their presence is important, keep them well informed and always make them feel as if they are working in a safe and secure environment.

Finally, consider that the temporary talent you are bringing in may have untapped skills. Ask them about their background and previous work assignments or jobs. They may have the skills you would be looking for in a position that you are trying to fill.  Contact the Talent Acquisition Firm for further discussion on the employee’s background and what they are looking for.

But Don’t Give the Keys to the Kingdom

Temporary staff members can perform a lot of tasks during their assignment. However, they shouldn’t be given tasks that require the use of company cars, unless it is first discussed with the Talent Acquisition Firm. Also, don’t give them keys to the office. If a situation arises that a temporary employee needs to be disciplined, make sure to contact the Talent Acquisition Firm since it’s their employee.

Take Advantage of Training

CAREERXCHANGE offers training for its clients to continually learn about these best practices as they evolve. Nothing is set in stone, and we gather new information that we want to share with our clients.

Wanting to stay on top of these best practices will foster and develop great relationships between companies and Talent Acquisition Firms as well as between companies and employees.

At CAREERXCHANGE, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality talent solutions, backed with quick and robust service. Contact a top talent acquisition firm in Miami, and we can get started on working to meet your staffing needs.

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