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At CAREERXCHANGE® we know the importance of having reliable people available when you need them, from production to logistics and every step along the way. Based in Miami, our light industrial and warehouse staffing company streamlines the hiring process by sourcing and screening proven talent. We maintain a database of ready-to-work individuals with the skills and experience to help you deliver on your promises. We are experienced in every link of the supply chain, from obtaining raw materials to delivering to the end-user’s door. Whether you have tight production deadlines to meet or customers with high expectations for delivery, we can help you expedite the hiring process. .

A Trusted South Florida Warehouse Staffing Company

At CAREERXCHANGE®, our award-winning staff understands the unique challenges of the light industrial, warehouse and distribution industry. You’ll never have to remind us how critical it is to maintain a safe and productive workplace. When you work with one of our light industrial staffing professionals, chances are, you’ll be dealing with an individual who has walked the shop floor, not someone who never leaves the office. If you’re looking for light industrial staffing firms in South Florida, you won’t be sorry if you make CAREERXCHANGE® your first call.

Looking For A Warehouse Job?

CAREERXCHANGE® is here to help. Tell us about your interests, experience and availability, and we will connect you with the right employer. Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of a temporary warehouse position or hoping for a long-term position, our light industrial staffing firm in South Florida is on your team. Do you have specific skills or preferences we haven’t asked you about? Be sure to tell us; we want to know! You can even let us know what you liked most (or least!) about other places you’ve worked so we have a better idea about if an employer is likely to be a good fit for you or not. Our goal is to be a partner in your career.  

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Dispatch  Inventory Control Logistics Analysis Logistics Management  Materials Management Production Planning Production Scheduling Transportation Management  Warehouse Management And more! 

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