Experience. The key to the perfect match.

At CAREERXCHANGE® we believe there is nothing more important to our clients…and our candidates…than finding the perfect match.

That’s why we take the time to ensure the right match of skills to needs, experience to requirements and personality to culture. And we’re proud that we have an extremely good track record of getting it right the first time. That’s why our clients and candidates keep coming back.

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Why do our relationships last?

The power of accuracy.

Close enough isn’t good enough.

Our Talent Acquisition Managers create a complete custom profile for our clients, visiting clients in person to gain a firm understanding of each company’s needs, wants and company culture.

The power of custom solutions.

CAREERXCHANGE® is a full-service talent acquisition management company.

We provide custom solutions from a single temporary placement to a complete HR consulting solution. We can provide you with the human resource solutions that exceed your requirements and allow you to grow.

The power of industry knowledge.

We know talent acquisition and contingent workforce management.

Our owners are right here creating strategies, making on-the-spot decisions, responding to industry and local changes, and ensuring our clients and candidates get the exceptional service they deserve here in South Florida and nationwide.

The power of people.

Our candidates are our best testimonial.

Our Talent Acquisition Managers focus on dedicated, experienced, top-quality people. Our screening methods are unsurpassed. We interview our candidates thoroughly and understand what the client and the candidate each want to ensure a long-lasting match.

The power of longevity.

We’ve been here long enough to know our way around.

And we’re here to stay. Since we started in 1988, our owners have been hands-on in every facet of our business. We know the local and national markets better than anyone, and our responsiveness outshines national agencies.

If you are searching for a career opportunity or the ideal candidate for your company, you’ve come to the right place.