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Is Your Office Prepared for Hurricane Season 2019? 

Hurricane Season 2019 officially began on June 1, 2019, and will end on November 30, 2019.

And so far, it’s been quiet…

But just when we’d thought we’d be storm free this year, Dorian reared it’s ugly head. Though only a tropical depression as of August 26th, the storm is only the 3rd the season’s had so far. You can track Dorian’s path here.

Before The Storm: Take the appropriate steps to secure your business

Unplug and Elevate:

Once you’ve backed up your data and assured its security, make sure to unplug all electronics including computers, cables, phones and any other devices to ensure a power surge does not affect them. Move your server to a secure area as well.

Take Inventory:

If you don’t already have one, take the time to compose a full inventory list of office assets, including computers, equipments and if they are owned or insured.


Formulate a hurricane preparedness plan, if you haven’t already:

Be sure to discuss contingency plans with your employees so no one is left in the dark. Be clear where your employees stand and what they must do should they experience emergency circumstances such as damage to property or health, damage to your business that may prevent them from working and how they should remain in contact with leaders to establish when it is safe to come back.

Have a calling tree available where you can easily reach your team for emergency updates and news. Have supplies available in the office including water, generators and any other necessities.

During The Storm: Stay Connected, Be Ready to Adapt 

Stay Informed:

Heed all warnings from local officials. Do not ignore safety advisories. You and your team’s safety comes first. For more information on evacuation orders, emergency procedures and resources visit

After The Storm: Assess and Respond

Develop a Game Plan:

Unfortunately, property damage is a byproduct of a large storm. Take pictures – document what was damaged, where and how.

Don’t delay. Be prepared, stay alert and stay safe.


Hurricane Season 2019



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