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CXC® To Puerto Rico: We Are Here to Help.

Hurricane Maria’s Wrath:

It’s no question that Hurricane Maria has completely uprooted life in Puerto Rico. The storm has caused unbelievable devastation and, even 42 days later, resources are scarce, sanitary conditions are creating various health concerns and some 86% of the island’s 1.57 million electricity customers are still without power.

Many of P.R.’s 3.5 million residents have no choice but to leave. Florida alone is expecting 100,000 to 200,000 individuals.

“The longer it takes to restore essential services like electricity, water sanitation and fuel distribution, the longer [and] harder it will be for the most vulnerable members of society to stay in Puerto Rico.”


What This Means for SFL’s Workforce:

Experts are actually saying we’re as prepared as we’ve ever been. “The good thing is we just recently returned to full employment and now have an unemployment rate of 3.9% in this region.”

Florida has recently seen an immense influx in enterprise, with new call centers, warehouses and fulfillment centers operating across the state among a flourishing small business and entertainment district renaissance.

Industries that have been traditionally strong throughout the state, like healthcare and construction, remain consistently in demand of new employees.


Where Do I Start?

Staffing firms with established ties in the South Florida business community are a smart way to get a foot in the door, especially for new Floridians who are not quite familiar with our workforce.

“We are prepared and ready to help” says Nick Alonso Jr., COO of CAREERXCHANGE®, Inc. Considering the conditions in Puerto Rico, we understand that many citizens are choosing to relocate to a place just 2 hours from home, be it temporarily or permanently.

CXC® has had 30 years of experience in the Florida market and beyond, servicing a variety of clients and placing more than 75,000 candidates within that time frame.

We are fully staffed with tenured, certified and bilingual recruiters and team members that are ready to assist anyone looking to start fresh and we will work with you to find an opportunity that fits, whatever the circumstance.

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” – Paul Ryan. Let us help you find your next success.


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