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What Can We Expect from Google for Jobs?

A New Kind of Search…

Back in May, Google announced its new initiative “Google for Jobs” at the 2017 I/O Developer Event. The new extension of Google Search is said to facilitate the way job seekers find positions in their area by way of machine learning and intuitive AI to determine, what will be, pretty precise classifications.

Well, the time’s finally come – they’re live.


Previously, searching for a job like one typically would on Google would yield several results pulled from relevant sites – each in their respective position on the results pages.

Now, when one is searching for say, retail jobs (a traditionally difficult industry to search for online), Google will pull up results based on your location all tidied up in one very clean, user-friendly, Google-esque widget.

The main difference? Users can now filter positions by title, type, location, date, and even if they’re part or full-time all from one place, making irrelevant and repetitive postings a thing of the past.




One might wonder what this means for sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed – the world’s largest job search site with 60 million monthly unique visitors. 

While Google has made their interest in partnerships with the online job giants clear, their initiative makes one thing certain: they want users who begin their job search with Google to see it through with Google, putting sites like Indeed in potential trouble.


Google’s technology is detailed, efficient and consistent. So, for recruiters, we’d say imitation would be the sincerest form of flattery (and the best strategy).

A posting will come up in searches if it uses relevant keywords, refrains from repetition and maintains cohesive posting styles throughout all sites. Google will link a user to the listing with the most complete posting.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you haven’t yet focused on online reviews, search engine optimizations and a solid digital brand strategy – you may want to start. Platforms like Google for Jobs will be consuming all this information and determining your relevance of its basis.


Despite all the uncertainties, this tool could really prove to be amazing. Positions that may have been harder to find are aimed to be surfaced and in full view. Industries that may not have had a presence with regards to job postings will now get a shot.

And more importantly, the prospective candidate gained a comprehensive tool that might just give them the opportunities they long for.   


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