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Boost Your Brand. Bolster Your Career. Build Your Community

When reaching a certain point in your career, the analysis of your accomplishments moves beyond what takes place in your professional career. Executives love to see employees who continue to move up the corporate ladder, but hiring decisions can look beyond the professional accolades when job candidates have similar profiles.

So what can you do to stand out?

Becoming involved in a non-profit organization outside of your workplace will do nothing but help you – personally and professionally. Let’s take a deeper look at how this commitment to a non-profit group will be really beneficial.

Boost Your Brand

Listing a number of professional accomplishments shows that you are a great employee. When you’re successful, the amount of bullet points that you can list on your resume seems to be endless.

However, top executives want to see more than just your professional accolades. By getting involved in a non-profit organization, your personal brand can take another step.

At the start, just become a volunteer and work hard. Similar to the professional world, people will notice hard work, commitment and dedication. If you stay committed to the organization, then you will have the opportunity to take on more of a leadership role. It might not happen quickly, but depending on the size of the non-profit group, you could move up the organization which could improve your leadership skills as well.

Bolster Your Career

Executives want to see well-rounded job candidates, especially when hiring for higher-level positions. An executive would love to hire an established professional in the industry who is a board member for a local non-profit organization.

That type of exposure for a company does nothing but help their presence in the local community. A company boasts about its employees helping non-profit groups and when one of them is on a board, it improves their standing  and shows that they care about giving back.

Build Your Community

Getting involved in a non-profit organization isn’t just for people looking to work in executive positions. Anyone will see a boost in their personal and professional life by getting involved with a non-profit organization.

Going out and volunteering with a local organization will make you feel better as you help other people who will appreciate your time. You also can grow your network. While that shouldn’t be the basis behind volunteering, it’s inevitable that you will meet people with similar interests while working with a non-profit organization. Don’t be afraid to make connections.

At CAREERXCHANGE, we know it’s not just about the professional life but also about personal development. Find out how we can help you in both areas by contacting the talent acquisition firm in Miami today.

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