New Market, New Changes: Employers Finding New Ways to Retain Their Talent

  The unemployment rate in Florida is the lowest it’s ever been since 2007 – 4.7%. With this surge in employment, companies are working even harder to retain their talent.   A Different Climate:   Updating compensation, offering stock options and bonuses and using more flexible work hours or telecommuting are just some of the tactics… Read more »

An Evening of Possibilities and a Magical Night

  A Gala for a Great Cause:   CAREERXCHANGE, Inc. is so very honored to be a Gold Sponsor of Our Pride Academy, a school for special needs children and young adults in the Miami Dade County area. They have grown their class from a dozen to over 125 individuals and continue growing. That is… Read more »

3 Steps to Combat Office Burn-Out

  We’ve all been there… That moment when we want to give up, move on, or just get plain bored at the office. Lots feel this way, sure, but why is that? Why do we get burned out, sometimes past a point of no return, and risk our health, sanity and not to mention the… Read more »

Diversity in the Workforce

  Our workforce is changing – and it’s a wonderful thing. According to and the Census Bureau, “due to projected growth among Asian, Hispanic and multiracial groups, traditionally underrepresented populations will hit majority status by 2044”. We are a country that reflects the traditions, cultures and talents of all its inhabitants and because of… Read more »

How to Conduct an Effective Phone Interview

You’ve sorted through all the resume submissions for your current job opening and gathered a stack of the most promising ones. Now it’s time to whittle that pile down by conducting a series of phone interviews. Phone interviews provide a different set of feedback from the submitted hiring materials and face-to-face interviews. While a resume… Read more »

What Is the Impact of a Full-Time vs. a Temporary Employee?

When an employer needs to fill open positions, management must decide whether to hire full-time permanent employees or bring on temporary help. In making that decision, companies need to evaluate how that decision will impact the flexibility, culture and needs of the organization. Organizational Flexibility In some industries, it’s difficult to predict when the need… Read more »

Unemployment Is Down – How Do You Find Quality Candidates?

The unemployment rate in Florida is under 6 percent in most areas and that’s a good thing, right? Not if you are an employer looking to fill an open or new position. Finding quality talent is hard enough, but it gets even harder when the unemployment rate is this low. Companies must put in the… Read more »

Find a Passive Job Candidate, Who Might Be Your Best Job Candidate

Currently employed but willing to entertain offers from other companies, a passive job seeker could be the perfect candidate for your company’s open position. Since these individuals are currently employed, they may not need much training to step into a similar role with your organization. In fact, these employees could be gaining experience working in… Read more »

Are You Hiring Recent College Grads? Help With the Adjustment

Unless they’re Doogie Howser MD, everyone graduating from college is a full-grown adult capable of handling the workplace environment. However, for many young adults, this is the first time in their life that a roadmap of going to classes, doing homework and taking tests isn’t laid out in front of them. This new independence for… Read more »

Why Is a Good Onboarding Process Important?

When a contingent staff member becomes a member of your full-time workforce, remember one theme – making your new employee feel as comfortable as possible. It starts on the first day, but a complete onboarding process can take a number of months. Let’s take a look at that timeline and see how you can have… Read more »