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Why Experience is Valuable in Choosing a Staffing Agency

When choosing a staffing agency, all employers need to do their due diligence.

All staffing agencies are not alike. Basing your hiring decision just on price is not the way to go. Hiring people is not like going to the grocery store and buying the least expensive generic product.  An experienced staffing agency with a good reputation will provide added value to the client, including  proven screening processes, experienced employees with a strong work ethic and a high level of customized service to meet the client’s specialized needs.

There are many benefits to choosing an experienced staffing firm, four of which include:

An Experienced Staffing Agency Has Connections.

Any business that has been running successfully for a few years has undoubtedly built a number of professional connections. Staffing agencies that have years of experience working with valuable clients will have specialized candidates ready for work, something that can save time when looking for new employees.

An Experienced Staffing Agency Knows Your Market.

Experience in your market is essential for a staffing agency. If an agency is new to town, they do not have the network, an infrastructure in the community, or connections to the local workers. An agency that knows their marketplace knows the client’s competitors and can give them valuable information on what is happening in that marketplace as well as what the going rates are for each position.

An Experienced Staffing Agency Delivers Successful Candidates.

An agency that has been around for quite some time is obviously doing something right, and this may include delivering successful and efficient employees for their clients. Agencies know that companies need top-notch employees and will only relay the best for any given position.

An Experienced Staffing Agency Can Hone an Employer’s Focus.

Sometimes employers may have a general idea of what they want in a candidate; however, they may not have a specific focus of what a good candidate entails. An experienced staffing firm can help employers hone their focus on specific attributes that are needed for a candidate in a specific position.

Remember to do your homework before making a final decision though. There are a number of questions that companies should be asking a staffing agency before making a final decision. Some of them include:

  • What is their screening procedure like? How do they perform background checks and do they do drug testing?
  • What technology do they use for verification of identity?
  • Have their past clients had positive experiences? Ask them to provide examples and then look into those organizations.
  • What is their work site like and what processes do candidates have to go through?
  • Do they have a valid workers’ compensation certificate of insurance?
  • Are their billing procedures rigid or are they able to be customized to fit your needs?
  • What kind of timekeeping is available?

At CAREERXCHANGE, we value the experience of our professional team and the relationships we have formed with our clients. Our years of experience in the staffing industry have enabled us to drive companies to their fullest potential. Choosing an experienced staffing agency is crucial to building a successful company and achieving specific goals regardless of industry. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help!

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