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Are You Maintaining a Healthy and Positive Work Environment?

Are You Maintaining a Healthy and Positive Work Environment?

Ever wondered if there was a magic formula to keep your employees happy while somehow keeping your business afloat too?
Well…there actually is! And it’s fairly simple. All you have to is (Drum roll, please.) …Create a happy work environment for your employees.
That’s it, you say? Well, let’s run through the logic. Essentially, a healthy and positive work environment contributes to happier employees. Happier employees work harder, leading to more efficient business practices and production, and so on and so on. You get the picture. So, how do you create this positive environment for your hardworking minions to succeed in? Let’s take a look.


We know, as an employer or boss, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to constantly be spouting off instructions every minute of every day. No one wants to hear it, and you honestly don’t want to do it. It’s actually tiring just thinking about it. Listening more than you speak brings tremendous benefits in the communication department. Choose your words wisely. Most interactions between management and workers should include building up the employee, praising him or her, and maybe some gentle corrections here and there. You should never (under ANY circumstance) use your words to tear down or embarrass an employee, as this breeds fear and resentment. Keep your employees well informed about what is going on in the company. And make them feel involved by showering them with a few special words to remind them that they are an important member of the team. Which leads us to…


I know it sounds cliché, BUT the simple truth is that people work more efficiently when they’re part of a team. Collaboration, anyone? In a group, it’s easier to brainstorm ideas and strategies, motivate each other to work harder, and keep employees accountable. As much as possible, facilitate an environment of trust within your group. This is where the mystical business phrase “synergy” starts to really make sense. Synergy simply means the combined efforts of a team are far more valuable than the output of several individuals added together. When employees identify themselves as part of a team, their viewpoint shifts away from individual goals and refocuses on the common goal of the entire group. And employees stay focused when you remember… T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)!


It’s a tale as old as time. People will simply work harder if they are given an incentivized reason to, which reaches beyond their normal needs. Performance-related awards are truly powerful. There’s also another fancy term you’ve probably heard of called “positive reinforcement.” Plainly put, people like hearing that they did a good job. So, tell them. It makes employees feel appreciated to know the work they’re doing really matters. Don’t be afraid to celebrate team victories and project milestones in the office – who doesn’t love a free, catered lunch? Incentives in the work environment encourage a friendly, competitive environment. Because let’s be honest, there’s a yearning deep down in all of us that wants to be recognized and rewarded. Even just acknowledging the small efforts your employees put in will do the trick. A little recognition goes a long way. So…


Honestly, flexibility isn’t anyone’s favorite subject. But it’s worth talking because it truly matters in a healthy work environment. In short, be merciful. Your employees have lives, too. You will be amazed at how changing your outlook on how work gets done will change their attitudes and productivity. Work doesn’t have to be completed while someone is chained to their desk without water and bathroom breaks from 9-5. A little exaggerated, but you get the drift. Your employees may have ideas that are outside the box. Great! Be accessible and open to their ideas. Trust them. Respect them. Empower them. You hired them for a reason. Allow them to be themselves, and you’ll get the absolute best version of them. Even if it doesn’t fit your cookie-cutter version of how things should be done, beautiful things happen when people feel empowered.
So, there it is. In a nutshell, listen, encourage teamwork, incentivize, and stretch. We guarantee that once you begin to implement these simple steps, you’ll begin seeing subtle changes in your office dynamics that will make it…the happening place to be!



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