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4 Ways to Get Your New Hire Acclimated, Up to Speed, and Productive

Bringing on a new hire, regardless of how talented and promising they appear to be, can take a great deal of time. A new employee needs time to “warm up” to the office environment or culture, a natural process that can delay productivity and results. As an employer, it is helpful to provide tools and methods for helping your new hire acclimate to the company’s culture and way of doing things in order to build confidence and motivation. Here are 4 ways to get your new hires on board and acclimated within your organization:

1. A Formal Onboarding Program

A formal onboarding program can be a helpful way to gently and easily incorporate the new hire into the team. In order to set the tone early, we recommend they be given a job description on the first day along with open discussion and a realistic timeline of expectations. Weekly meetings with their direct supervisor to get feedback and discuss what they have learned helps to get them on the right track.  We at CAREERXCHANGE® have a formalized training program that includes “orientation”, company policies and procedures, and the manual for their job. It is helpful to keep them in the loop by having reference materials available in the company library or online that are easy to understand and quick to access.

2. A Go-To Coworker Internally

Another great way to help assimilate new hires is to assign them a go-to buddy within their department who will provide immediate support during the early stages of their employment. This buddy will answer questions about the job and the work culture, providing insight that’s impartial and meant to support the new employee. It is very important to have assigned a “good  buddy” to be able to answer critical questions quickly on the spot.

3. Training, Training, And More Training

Training from day one is essential for providing a new hire with all the necessary knowledge and expectations they need to get the job done. Use resources such as web portals, podcasts, videos, and YouTube. Have them spend time shadowing other employees doing the job they are going to  be doing.  Another tip is to have them go through ”a day in the life” of all employees in the company. Spend time with each worker and learn what aspect of the process that person will play. Also, some technology training, such as for certain software programs, should also be incorporated in an onboarding program. Don’t assume they know something just because it is on their resume.

4. Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement should be encouraged by employees and managers alike, as this can provide some degree of motivation. Help the new hire set realistic plans and goals and help them achieve those throughout their employment. If those goals are achieved, morale and the quality of work will improve as well.

At CAREERXCHANGE®, we are leaders in helping companies create successful, talented teams. We know how to bring together experienced talent to fulfill a company’s business goals, regardless of the industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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