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What Makes a Good Job Candidate a Great One?

As a hiring manager, there are key signs to look for when interviewing a potential candidate. While most candidates that come through a professional recruiting agency or system will be ideal possible employees, you still want to keep an eye out for certain important aspects that will ensure the success of the company as a whole. Noticing certain characteristics in the potential candidate will go far in separating a good potential employee from a great one, and asking specific questions may also help gain further insight into the possible placement of the individual being interviewed.

What Separates the Good From the Great?

There are certain visible cues any hiring manager should notice in a candidate, all of which represent (to a certain degree) the candidate’s personality, level of eagerness, and motivation. These visible signs include:

  • Eye Contact. Is the candidate looking directly into your eyes during the entire interview process, or are his or her eyes shifting every which direction and completely avoiding eye contact? Yes, complete eye contact may be extreme, but if you notice that the candidate can’t hold eye contact even for a moment, it may be indicative of their communication skills. Often, people who listen attentively and are eager to learn will engage with the person they are speaking with. Communication is key in the workplace, so remember: the eyes have it.
  • Dress. Is the candidate wearing professional work-related attire, or has the candidate arrived in casual clothes that don’t reflect a professional tone? Usually, the way a person dresses—especially for an interview—communicates just how important the position is to them. It also tells hiring managers the amount of thought and effort the candidate placed in preparing themself for the interview process. Companies need individuals who implement this kind of attention to detail, and clothes will often get this skill across.

There are also some key questions hiring managers should ask of their candidates to determine which candidate is a good one and which candidate is a perfect fit. These questions include:

  • What draws you to this position? This question separates candidates simply looking for a paycheck from great employees who have a passion for what they do. Asking this question will help hiring managers determine the level of drive and motivation a candidate has in their chosen career field, providing a deeper level of insight into the candidate and his or her level of expertise and knowledge.
  • What makes you a good fit for this position? This question may sound boring and cliché, but many hiring managers may be surprised by the answers they receive. Often, candidates will display a sincere eagerness to learn and contribute to the growing company, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they will make a good fit. Instead, great candidates may mention their past successes and triumphs in their previous employment and how they can effectively apply them to the position. Hiring managers may encourage candidates to also provide examples of past work-related accomplishments and ask the candidate to demonstrate its real-world application in the new position.

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