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So You Had the Interview: Now What?

So you’ve had a job interview for a position that you really want, and now you must wait to hear back on the decision. You could lock yourself away, attach yourself to your phone and email, and desperately wait for the hiring manager to contact you. Or, you could take positive action steps to ensure you’re promoting yourself even after the preliminary interview. Whether you think the interview went well or not, following up and pursuing different avenues are a couple of things you can do now to help provide success in your job hunt.

Regardless of how you think it went, here are a few things you can do after your interview:

Ask what the next steps are.

At the end of the interview, you should always ask what is the next step in the process if you want to be considered for the position. As referenced in a previous article (hyperlink will be included after publication), this is a good question to ask in an interview to convey your interest in the position.

Stay positive, but balance that positivity with realistic action.

In other words, realize that you have done your best in the interview process and stay confident that your strengths have shone through. If you felt something wasn’t communicated properly, or you would like to send the employer references, relevant documents, or an extended portfolio, do so if it is allowed. This will show determination and the ability to go the extra mile. Also, connect with the company on social media networks, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Follow up.

Send a thank you note following an interview via snail mail. In some instances, a thank you email can also be a helpful way to show appreciation for the opportunity. You should incorporate some dialogue from the interview that is pertinent to the job and how you can see yourself in that role. Following up at least a week after the interview through email with the hiring manager can be a great way to maintain communication about the position and to ensure the company is aware of your interest. You should immediately call the recruiter who sent you on the interview to give feedback and allow time for the recruiter to get feedback from the client.

Keep the line open, but don’t shy away from other opportunities.

Even if the job is your dream job, don’t be afraid to seek other opportunities during the decision-making process. Many times candidates will miss out on better opportunities simply because they are waiting to hear back from one particular company. While you should definitely stay open to accepting the desired position if it does indeed pan out, don’t be afraid to pursue other avenues.

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