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What is a Recruiting/HR Coordinator?

It’s More Than You Think…

When it comes to recruiting top-notch talent, an entire team dedicated to the hiring process is often called forth in companies to get the job done. Being a Recruiting/HR Coordinator is more than just filling out paperwork and organizing interviews; this is a very critical position in the Human Rescources department of all companies. In fact, you are playing a key role in the development and promotion of a company by supporting the hiring process from the initial stages. In today’s job market, with unemployment at an all time low at 5.9% in the state of Florida, the availability of viable candidates changes daily. A good HR Coordinator is worth their weight in gold.

There are certain requirements before being hired as a Recruiting/HR Coordinator, many of which go far beyond education. Experience helps, but so does a willing, flexible personality, someone who is customer service oriented and a keen eye for accuracy and detail.

What Does a Recruiting Coordinator Actually Do?

Being a Recruiting/HR Coordinator is no easy job, but it is certainly rewarding in many aspects. Although sophisticated applicant tracking systems have their uses the “human voice” in human resources is the  real time connection to the hiring process. This position requires you to be focused as you will be handling multiple job applications and requisitions on a daily basis. This individual is on the front lines with candidates and their initial contact with candidates is a reflection on the company that they represent.

Recruiting/HR Coordinators also manage job postings and seek out new, innovative avenues through which they can reach potential candidates. They can spot talent from a mile away and know how to quickly scan a resume and check its authenticity. This isn’t necessarily true of all Recruiting/HR Coordinators; some of these responsibilities are shared with hiring managers. Coordinators in the recruiting or HR department also handle a great deal of paperwork, but the variety reduces the risk of boredom.

Most Recruiting/HR Coordinators do the initial screening of credentials via telephone and discuss the position briefly and verify that the candidate is indeed still interested in the position and falls within the budget parameters of the position. If needed, they also help arrange accommodations and transportation for candidates coming from out of state.

In many cases they do a short write up on the candidate with pertinent information in terms of what the candidate is doing now or has done on their previous job that fits in with the position the company is currently trying to fill. In addition to this, they also oversee onboarding paperwork dealing with drug screening, background checks, and tax information. Coordinators must have excellent communication skills and be able to speak clearly and positively on the phone, over email, and in person.

What are the Requirements?

While it varies by company, a college degree is usually required for a Recruiting/HR Coordinator. Typically, an associate or bachelor’s degree along with some human resources training programs or experience is the minimum level of education needed to apply for this position.

Education isn’t the entire picture, though, as experience in human resources also plays a huge role. Knowledge of law, specifically laws regulating employment and employment practices, also helps in gaining entry into this position.

Resumes should use affirmative, concise tones that demonstrates initiative and a certain level of autonomy. During an interview for a Recruitment/HR Coordinator position, candidates should also be congenial, helpful, and attentive in order to demonstrate their communications and customer service skills.


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