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4 Professional Strategies to Start 2020 Off Right

Make this new year your best one yet.

1. Take a moment to reflect on the last year:

  • What professional goals missed their mark in 2019?

Take a moment to make a list of what you ideally wished to accomplish this year and, more importantly, where you think you went wrong. 


  • From that same list, ask yourself – what would happen if you had a do-over? 

Reflect on how you’d approach those same challenges should you face them again and remember those strategies for the coming year. 

2020 strategies

2. Make meaningful connections and eliminate sources of negativity:

  • Give your work relationships an audit:
    Identify which individuals are a positive, contributing and complimentary force to your work there. 


  • If there is a negative presence in the office:
It’s very easy to get sucked into the webs complainers, whiners and slackers weave – so try to block this out or avoid it entirely before it begins affecting you and your work.  
Instead, become a positive presence and encourage others to do the same.


  • Let others know you appreciate them:

A simple “job well done” or sincere “thank you” goes a long way. These small acts make memorable impacts that solidify working relationships and develop careers in the process. 

2020 strategies

3. Invest in YOU:

  • Never stop learning. 

Skills, technology, and best practices never stop evolving – so why should you?  

Create a development plan that outlines what professional skills you’d like to acquire  nd seek advice or inspiration from professionals in your field or, perhaps, your own team.


  • Make a clean start:

Update your professional profiles on LinkedIn and other platforms or consider creating a personal brand that offers valuable content such as articles, infographics or e-books that would be useful to your colleagues/professional network and, in the process, position you as a thought leader in your field. 

2020 strategies

4. A happy employee is a productive employee...

  • Self Care in the Workplace:

You are no good to your team, company or bottom line if your health and wellbeing are being consistently neglected. 

Setting time aside for yourself is an essential part of maintaining consistent performance at work. Know your boundaries and establish them from the start, as long as the priority is always a job well done. 

Feeling ready to tackle the new year? It's all you, you got this!

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Begin the new year with a career you love! 

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