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5 Ways to Make Your Mornings the Easiest They’ve Ever Been

Getting a Grip:

Are your mornings getting harder and harder to manage? You’re not alone. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rushing out 5 mins before work with my items hanging off of me like extra appendages. Why do we do this to ourselves?


If we took the time to prep and plan our mornings out thoughtfully, a much more productive day follows.


Check out our tips below: 


  • Get a good night’s rest. Exercise at least 2 hours before bed, eat a light dinner and put away your devices in the bedroom (try putting them on Sleep Mode if you ABSOLUTELY need to be connected).


  • Prep breakfasts (and lunches) the night before for a quick grab and go option. Freeze breakfast bowls and sandwiches and pop them in the microwave before heading out.



  • Try a garment valet. Having your outfit, accessories and shoes prepped and ready to go will shave off time in the morning when you’re trying to decide which shirt matches with what.


  • Invest in a Bluetooth, waterproof speaker for your shower to make the most dreaded part of your morning much more entertaining.


  • Try making a list of the most important tasks you need to tackle the next day. Accomplishing those first will make the rest of the day seem like a breeze.


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