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Job Descriptions: How to Write To Entice Top Talent

Job Descriptions: Why a Great One is Important:


There are times when companies require top talent for executing certain goals, often needing specific types of employees that fit their requirements. The trouble is, many companies can have difficulty locating these candidates, usually receiving many applicants that don’t fit the required job description. This often comes down to the clarity of job descriptions in hiring advertisements.

Fortunately, there are a few tips any hiring manager can implement in their hiring strategy right now to begin attracting fitting candidates. While not a magic bullet approach, job descriptions that are written specifically for their target audience may produce fantastic results, both during the hiring process and throughout the candidate’s employment.

Writing a clear, concise, and complete job description may take some time initially, but it will certainly save time in the long run. Here are some simple tips any hiring manager can use when composing descriptions for new vacancies:


1.) List Required Level of Experience and Education.

Companies that need seasoned talent will often expect individuals with a certain level of experience and education. Without specifying the number of years of experience or education level, the door is open to inviting many unwanted candidates from all across the globe.

2.) List of Duties/Tasks.

Always include the specific list of duties and tasks that are to be performed in the job, going into as much detail as one can in one or two sentences. This way, candidates will know what to expect upon hiring, thus reducing the risk for a high turnover.

3.) Salary Range.

Typically, experienced individuals usually demand a certain salary range, and will not use up their valuable time applying for a position for which they are ignorant of the pay. While money isn’t everything, it is still a valuable tool for increasing visibility in hiring top employees. For a position that doesn’t pay reasonable amounts, companies may want to disclose a statement in the job description about pay without actually mentioning certain figures. This way, companies can avoid turning off candidates that may be very well suitable for the position and agreeable to the salary.

4.) Change with the Times.

Companies change over the course of only a few years, and position requirements also evolve in response to this change. Technology is constantly throwing new, helpful tools our way, and it’s important that companies utilize these tools in their various departments. As such, if a company is trying to refill a position that has been filled for the last ten, five, or even two years, old job descriptions should be “spruced up” in a way that reflects the changing business landscape. Include new job requirements, such as the knowledge of an updated software program or web tool.

Structuring job descriptions with proper grammar is also helpful for providing clear descriptions that are professional and indicative of the company’s keen eye to detail. To-the-point descriptions work extremely well in most cases, so it is best to avoid unnecessary fluff in an effort to build up the content. Doing these simple tips may be helpful for increasing the level of experience and productivity in the company by attracting top-of-the-line talent.

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