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Interview Tips

  • Research: Be familiar with the company with whom you are interviewing. Do research on their industry, revenue, number of employees etc. Access the company website.
  • Practice interviewing: Ask a friend or family member to practice interviewing with you, including your handshake, which should be firm but not too hard.
  • Get directions and plan your route: Find out exactly where you’re going for the interview, how to get there and about how much time it will take you.
  • Dress professionally: Conservative clothing is best. Navy blue or black suit is appropriate.
  • Bring supplies: Take an extra copy of your resume to the interview along with a pen and a small notebook in case you want to take notes.
  • Be on time: Get to the interview about 10 minutes in advance.
  • Make eye contact: If you’re uncomfortable looking directly into someone’s eyes then look at their forehead.
  • Speak clearly: Remind yourself to slow down when you talk and say each word very clearly.
  • Look interested: Stay focused on what the employer is saying, if you look bored or are caught off-guard then they won’t think you’d make a very good employee.
  • Ask questions: Listen to what they say and think about what questions you can ask (about the company, the job, etc.) Interviewers take your asking questions as a sign of interest.
  • Don’t discuss salary on the 1st interview.
  • Thank them for their time: Make eye contact and shake their hand again. Thank them and tell them that you’re looking forward to hearing from them.
  • Send a thank you letter: Within 24 hours after your interview, you should send a thank you letter.

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