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HOW TO: Improving Your Interviewing Skills (Employer Edition)

Leave a Lasting Impression

Considering a variety of candidates, interviewing them and onboarding them can all be parts of a very strenuous hiring process. Not even the most seasoned professionals get through these tasks without experiencing some sort of difficulty.

That’s why it’s important to brush up on your interviewing skills, ensuring you find the best candidate possible – and CXC is here to help.


1.) Curiosity, Conversation and Comfort:

  • Drawing your candidate in with conversation and action are some of the best ways to truly get to know an individual in a very short amount of time.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about the candidate’s hobbies and interests as a way to get to know them and break the ice.
  • Make them comfortable by providing clear information on where/when your meeting is and what they should prepare to bring with them and offer them coffee or water when they arrive.
  • Peak their curiosity with knowledge about your company that might interest them. Creating a positive impression of you and your organization with everyone you come across increases the chance of exposure and, therefore, referrals.


2.) Learn, Listen and Be Yourself:

  • Read up on your candidate’s information prior to your meeting them – even take a look at their LinkedIn or other social media profiles (while remaining objective).
  • Learning as much as you can will allow you to really ask the right questions.
  • Take the time to listen thoroughly to their responses, not only to provide a natural flow to the conversation, but to also get a feel for how this individual interacts with others.
  • Most importantly, be yourself. You are your own brand ambassador and, chances are, you’ve been given the opportunity to hire someone because your company believes in you – and vice versa. Share things about yourself and your role within the organization to help your candidate better understand the opportunity.


3.) Avoid Discriminating Questions:

There’s a very thin line between illegal and legal questions in an interview scenario. It is important to respect a candidates privacy and provide the most fair line of questioning to all across the board.

Here are some examples of DO and DON’T questions in an interview scenario:



How old are you? 

Do you have kids? 

What is your marital status? 

Are you a U.S Citizen?    



This position often requires overtime or Are you authorized to work in the U.S? 

Are you over the age of 18?

What hours are you available?

Would you be willing to relocate?


*If you have any doubts about your line of questioning, here’s a helpful guide:


4.) Look for Results and Follow Up:

  • By “looking for results”, we mean for you to ask your candidate how they would encounter a typical challenge (or one that you’ve perhaps come across) within your organization. Look for detailed, knowledgeable solutions rather than short, vague responses.
  • Lastly, always follow-up in a timely manner (whether they received the position or not). Leave a great final, and hopefully lasting, impression of you and your company by maintaining an active conversation with your candidate from start to finish.



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