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What Is the Impact of a Full-Time vs. a Temporary Employee?

When an employer needs to fill open positions, management must decide whether to hire full-time permanent employees or bring on temporary help. In making that decision, companies need to evaluate how that decision will impact the flexibility, culture and needs of the organization.

Organizational Flexibility

In some industries, it’s difficult to predict when the need for additional staff members will take place. If your company experiences a sudden spike in demand and needs more employees in just a couple of days, then having a great relationship with a talent acquisition firm will bring your company reliable temporary help very quickly. Even when you can plan for the surge in demand for employees, then a dependable talent acquisition firm can help you.

Full-time employees bring a long-term commitment to an organization. When hiring a full-time employee, an organization loses some short-term flexibility because of that commitment. That’s why a well-thought-out decision by a company will result in a quality hire who adds a lot of value.

Taking some characteristics from both of those options is the temp-to-hire status for an employee. The temp-to-hire provides a great opportunity for the employee to show they deserve a full-time position with the company.  We sometimes refer to this as a working interview or audition.  The organization benefits from the employee working hard to earn the job and also doesn’t have to make a full-time commitment to an employee right away.  More feedback can be learned about the employee through their daily efforts with the company.

Feeling Welcome

Companies needs to make all new employees – regardless of their status – feel welcome and like a vital cog in the organization. Creating unique orientation programs for temporary, temp-to-hire and full-time employees will help them get acclimated in an efficient fashion be able to make contributions quickly.

It might be cliché, but first impressions go a long way. All new employees feel nervous (at least a little bit) on their first day at a new job. When current employees welcomes the new employees, they help calm the nerves of the new employees and ease the transition.

Treating all new employees with respect also benefits talent acquisition firms. The new employees will provide glowing reviews of the talent acquisition firm and share that information with their family, friends and professional contacts – either in person or through online channels like social media.

Yes, There Are Cost Issues

It wouldn’t be fair to break down the impact of a full-time and temporary employee without looking at the cost impact.

It’s going to be nearly impossible to avoid any training for a new employee. Whether it’s showing temporary employees around the office and performing introductions or if it’s having to provide real training of job duties, someone has to take time from their normal workday and help the temporary employee get up to speed. While that training is unavoidable, it should be considered.

At CAREERXCHANGE®, we are committed to working with our clients to provide them with the best job candidates, either on a full-time or temporary basis. Contact one of the leading talent acquisition firms in Florida to get started today!


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