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How To Dress For The Job You Want, Not The Job You Have

Regardless of where you are in the job market—currently employed, looking for a job, or seeking a promotion within your current field—there are specific things you can do to reach your career-related goals. In everyday life, the clothes you wear aren’t often indicative of who you are as a person, and we’re all taught not to judge others based on how they present themselves. In the professional environment, however, the right clothes can influence the decision of hiring managers greatly, as what you wear for an interview will reveal a high level of detail and sincere interest in the position. Despite how you dress at your current job, your dress should match the position you are seeking, whether you are interviewing for the position or not.

Dress Like You Want A Promotion

Perhaps you are in a job you like, but want a promotion within the company that will offer you greater responsibilities and benefits. Doing a good job in your current position will certainly provide a great deal of support in your quest, but it isn’t the whole picture. To come across as a professional employee who is serious about moving up within the company, you should dress in a similar fashion as those in the role you desire. Imagine being in the role you want and really feel it. Wearing a professional outfit that matches the style of the role will help create the feeling of already having the position, changing how you act, speak, and behave. This influences positive, more productive actions in the workplace which will not go unnoticed.

Dress For Your Specific Career Goal

On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps you are unsatisfied with your current job and are seeking employment elsewhere. Instead of dressing the way you would at your current job, begin dressing in a manner more akin to your specific career goal. Not only will it help you embody the feelings of already having the job (which may influence your behavior and improve productivity in your current career field), it will display a sense of professionalism and eagerness to hiring managers. Always seek out a style of dress for an interview that is more professional than the wardrobe you have for your present vocation. Dressing professionally shows hiring managers that you attend to even the smallest of details, shows your time and effort spent, and displays how much you care about the position.

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