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How to Create Better Workplace Habits

Change Is Good: How to Create New (Better!) Workplace Habits


Is creating new, healthy habits in the workplace a noble yet too lofty goal to achieve?

It only takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so be sure you can commit to three weeks of regular practice in order to make your new workplace habits stick. Want to limit cell phone use during work hours? Limit break time? Or maybe boost your productivity each day? Whatever the goal, it is going to take personal commitment and dedication. Creating new workplace habits will also improve job security, as well. South Florida employment is a challenging competition, and you want to save yourself the stress and struggle of constantly searching for new employment because you are a creature of (bad) habit.

Limit Your Distractions

A major workplace distraction is your cell phone. We have become a society that requires constant contact and connection between you and everyone in your life. Social media has become an inseparable companion, linking us to everything that is being said, shared, and reported on in the world, on a minute-by-minute basis. We have increased our dependence on these devices to the point of potential detriment in the workplace. Want to make sure your boss doesn’t call the Florida Talent Acquisition Firm to replace you? Give these ideas a try!

The best way to stop your cell phone from being a distraction is to turn it off, or put it on “airplane mode.” This stops the constant barrage of notifications that are sure to steal your minutes (and sometimes even hours) away on a regular basis, giving you many reasons to look away from work and focus on your personal life. If you absolutely must have access to your phone for your job, consider turning off the rest of the notifications you receive, so when you do hear that blip, ring, or alerting sound, you know it is important enough to check. This will help you begin implementing new workplace habits right away.

Boost Productivity, One Day at A Time

Each day you come to work is an opportunity to achieve your best. Maybe you need to speak with someone at a Miami recruitment firm in order to find a job that you like, or at least one you don’t hate going to every day. Having a job that makes you miserable can be devastating to your productivity. If you do like your job, but find that you want to get more work done, try identifying your key “time wasters” throughout your day. Walking to accounting 13 times a day with paper records? Start a file folder for them, and wait to deliver them all at once toward the end of the day, or start taking digital photos and emailing them instead. Creating new workplace habits starts with you!

Set Achievable Goals

Setting small, realistic goals you can easily achieve helps pick up your momentum a little each day. Have some simple tasks, such as creating a weekly expense report or restocking the copy paper? Do these things first, and check them off quickly. Are you more into knocking out the difficult tasks first? Do them in the order of importance and size, and keep moving forward, rewarding yourself for actual accomplishments as they happen in real time. Again this will help keep your momentum going, showing your boss and coworkers your highly productive side. Keep your boss from contacting a Florida talent acquisition firm looking for a better version of you. South Florida employment numbers are going up as productivity increases, so jump on board today!


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