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Finding the Job Opportunity You’ve Been Searching For

If you’re in the market for a new job, luck is on your side. Whether you’re looking for the opportunity to change careers or you’re searching for something better in your current field, there are plenty of positions to go around. Without question, when the pandemic hit in 2020, life changed on several levels. Practically overnight, businesses closed and many workers found themselves jobless.

The effects and circumstances people have faced, both good and bad, are too numerous to count, but if you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for more than a job–you are looking for better pay, a more flexible schedule, or an enhanced benefits package. Fortunately, now that we’re at the end of 2021’s third quarter, we’re once again making headway towards some sense of normalcy, and your career and financial goals are well within reach.

Here are a few tips to consider in your job hunt:

Don’t Sell Yourself Short


Although Covid-19 made a negative impact on certain industries, many businesses are now making a strong comeback. In an effort to find and keep talented employees these companies are willing to accommodate employee requests including higher salaries. The fact is, it is currently a candidate’s market, so have the courage to stand your ground and negotiate.

It’s also worth remembering that a job can be so much more than a paycheck. Sadly, statistics indicate that 30% of American workers view their job as something “to get them by.” However, when you spend 40+ hours a week in that setting, isn’t it better to be involved in something that is a fulfilling career?

Determine What You Want


Perhaps you’re ready for a career change. If so, you need to determine exactly what that looks like. Take some time to reflect on your skill set, experience, personality, and gifts to determine how they can give you leverage in a new career. What past achievements can share in an interview to help in your transition?

All too often, we short-change ourselves and fail to acknowledge how we added value in a past position, helped, supported, or inspired co-workers, and so on.

Be Willing to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


All too often, we decide to settle for a job, not because we’re happy but because we know what to expect. However, no one expected the pandemic and all the upheaval it caused in 2020. Bottom line, if you have the desire to find a new job, now is the time to do so. No one can predict the future and wait for a “perfect” time is an illusion.

Regardless of prior layoffs, or even a seemingly uncertain job market, companies are hiring in all types of industries. Push past the fear of leaving your comfort zone and start hunting for your next opportunity.

Get On the Path You Want to Be On


As we approach the end of the year, businesses are reopening and new ones are emerging. If anything positive came out of the shutdowns it was the opportunity for businesses and individuals alike to think outside of the box and reinvent themselves.

Once you make the decision to find a new job, whether you remain in the same industry or feel it’s time to make a pivot in your career, be true to yourself and think long-term.

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