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Do’s and Don’ts

Preparing yourself before an interview is one of the most important things in getting a job. But, like many people, you may forget that a job interview is a different situation and you have to act differently. Every minute spent preparing for an interview is an investment towards your future. Prepared means you’ve done your homework, both about yourself and about the organization. CAREERXCHANGE has put together an outline of DO’s and DON’TS for a better interview. We feel this will be helpful on your road to success! Best of luck from our team!

  • DO dress in a professional manner.
  • DO offer a firm and brief handshake.
  • DO bring a clean copy of your resume.
  • DO maintain good eye contact.
  • DO show interest in the company and the position. Learn as much about the company before the interview.
  • DO pay attention to the interviewer and listen.
  • DO show enthusiasm and confidence in yourself.
  • DO be honest about questions asked.
  • DON’T arrive late.
  • DON’T chew gum.
  • DON’T wear heavy perfume or cologne.
  • DON’T use poor language or grammar.
  • DON’T discuss salary in the early stages of the interview.
  • DON’T be a comedian. Conduct yourself in a serious manner.
  • DON’T interrupt the employer. Allow enough time to finish the question before answering.
  • DON’T bring up personal situations or problems.
  • DON’T be arrogant or overly aggressive.
  • DON’T bring your pager or cell phone.

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