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Checking out a Talent Acquisition Firm? Here’s What You Need Know

Trusting your career to a recruiter is a big deal. You know that their primary motivation (and compensation!) comes from employers, so how can you be sure that they’ll also keep your best interests in mind? Here’s what you need to ask to make sure you are partnering with the right firm.

Do they have a good track record?

Ask where they have placed people. What kind of jobs, industries, specific employers. How many placements has the recruiter you’re assigned to made in the last six months? Can he provide testimonials? Put you in touch with some successfully placed candidates? A reputable firm will be happy to provide details

Will they help you tweak your resume?

They don’t need to rewrite it for you, but a pro will tell you, “Hey, I’m trying to put you up for this business development position. Your resume should show quantifiable results. Update it with some numbers and we’ll really knock the hiring manager’s socks off.”

Will they check with you before sending out your resume?

Don’t work with a recruiter who will pepper the region with your information. You’re probably not qualified for or interested in a hundred different jobs. You don’t want to seem like a commodity. Good recruiters will conduct a tightly targeted search, taking into account your needs and that of potential employers.

Do they speak your language?

If you’re an IT guy, you want someone who knows all the cutting-edge technologies, not stories about the programming class he took in 1983. He’s going to represent you to employers throughout your area. He has to know the industry and the terminology. If he looks like an idiot, you’ll look like an idiot.

Can they keep your search confidential?

This is critical. Chances are, you are currently employed and the last thing you need is for your boss to get wind of your search. One of the advantages of partnering with a recruiter is his ability to look out for you and do some of the legwork so that your job search doesn’t interfere with your current job.

How often do they keep in touch?

You and your recruiter need to agree on the level of communication that is comfortable for both of you. Don’t call every day, asking, “Did you hear anything yet? How about now?” However, by the same token he shouldn’t build up your hopes about a dream job and drop off the face of the earth.

A talent acquisition firm’s most important assets are experience and trust. Take the time to find an experienced recruiter you can trust and you’ll have a partner, not just for this search, but throughout your career.

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