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CAREERXCHANGE® Receives the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

Governor Scott Awards Florida Business Leaders with Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

governors-business-ambassador-awardMiami—Today, during the Florida Cabinet meeting, Governor Rick Scott awarded the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award to Express Travel President/CEO Olga Ramudo, CAREERXCHANGE® President/CEO Sue Romanos, CAREERXCHANGE® Vice President/CFO Suzanne Hodes, and CAREERXCHANGE® Vice President/COO Nick Alonso Jr. for their work in creating jobs and opportunities for Florida families in South Florida.

Governor Scott said, “I am pleased to present the Business Ambassador Award to these hardworking, innovative individuals who are dedicated to growing Florida’s economy. My number one priority is to create job opportunities for Florida families. With nearly 370,000 private sector jobs created since December 2010, families across Florida are finding more opportunities to find jobs and live the America Dream.”

The following individuals received the Business Ambassador Award today: Olga Ramudo, President/CEO of Express Travel, received the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award for her leadership and dedication in the travel industry making Express Travel a top women owned company in South Florida. Express Travel was ranked #192 by Hispanic Business Magazine in 2013.

Sue Romanos, President/CEO of CAREERXCHANGE®, received the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award for her leadership in temporary staffing initiatives and helping CAREERXCHANGE® receive the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Good to Great Award for their diverse workforce solutions in South Florida. CAREERXCHANGE® is headquartered in Miami and is certified by the State of Florida as a woman-owned business.

Suzanne Hodes, Vice President/CFO of CAREERXCHANGE®, received the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award for her commitment to helping Florida families find temporary employment in Fortune 500 companies.

Nick Alonso Jr., Vice President/COO of CAREERXCHANGE®, received the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award for his continued efforts to help Florida families find employment and advance their careers in South Florida.

President/CEO of Express Travel Olga Ramudo said, “As a Hispanic woman and small business owner, I am extremely honored and humbled on being recognized with the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award. I am passionate about our State and what the Tourism industry represents in job creation. To be able to contribute, even in a small number, to the growth of our State and all it has to offer, is of great pride and personal satisfaction.”

President/CEO of CAREERXCHANGE® Sue Romanos said, “On behalf of my business partners and our entire team, we are honored to be recognized by Governor Scott for the work we do in placing people in jobs and helping families. Since 1989, CAREERXCHANGE® has placed over 40,000 qualified individuals in diverse businesses in the South Florida market.”

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