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4 Benefits Of Team Building Activities At Work

Offering team building activities for employees can be incredibly helpful for building a strong, healthy company. Oftentimes, employers are on constant lookout for new ideas that will help build connections between employees, increase job satisfaction, and provide relaxing outlets for expression. These benefits of team building activities may help reduce turnover rate and increase company morale, and many businesses find that employees become refreshed and rejuvenated following team building activities, a benefit that will surely play a role in improving company productivity and efficiency.

We at CAREERXCHANGE have had success both in and out of the office creating fun team-building activities to help our team. Once a month, our owners and directors provide lunch for employees that fits a certain theme, as food is a good way to share fun and to bond. In the office, we give out small prizes for our employees who are “caught doing something right.” Outside of work, we have been collecting toys for the past ten years for the Salvation Army and a local orphanage. We have clothing and toiletry drives with our team, our temporary workers, and our clients which build the team within and build the connection with our workforce and clients.

Whether an employer is seeking to fill an entire workday with charity activities that enhance a spirit of giving and community, or to provide sporting contests or weekly luncheons, there are plenty of fair benefits that can surely accrue. Some of these benefits include:

Team Building.

Any activity that aids in bringing employees together will begin building connections between employees, an aspect of effective team building. Going for bowling or sporting contests, having weekly luncheons with employees, and providing other professional contests that include gift cards or small electronics as prizes can be very helpful for boosting employees’ spirits. Building an effective team requires an atmosphere of positivity, fun, and ease, and these techniques may promote this even further.


Since fun team-building activities provide a natural change of the day-to-day grind, employees may feel more refreshed when they come back to the office. Upbeat and rewarding breaks can be an essential way for clearing the mind and producing a stronger focus on one’s work; thus, team-building activities may play a large role in increasing productivity if implemented regularly.

Low Turnover.

Employees who feel they have the support of employers and fellow employees may develop a sense of pride and passion in their work. Building a cohesive team requires engaging with employees, and this often correlates with a low turnover rate. This can save money in the long run, as it often requires money to go through a new hiring process. Plus, hiring someone new drains a company of time, an aspect that can also hinder business productivity. At CAREERXCHANGE, we have  quarterly office meetings where employees can give their input to solve a problem or save the company and make a suggestion on something that could improve the level of service we provide to a client. Employees feel engaged when they are heard and their ideas are accepted and incorporated. When they feel they make a difference, they stay.

Work-Life Balance.

Today’s employees are looking for a good balance in what they do as an employee. Too much work can be a deterrent to performance and morale. Doing these activities in and out of work as a team can help in this regard. For example, doing something like “being caught doing something right” can help workers feel appreciated, and as a result, they will want to contribute more to your organization.

Boosting morale can be as simple as providing lunch to employees or promoting a sense of community contribution; however, this morale must be maintained by consistent team-building exercises or other tried-and-true business-building methods. Having a fun work environment and atmosphere that is rich in productive activities may also attract new talent perfect for the company. Businesses should begin right where they are by stepping out of the office cubicle and into positive, socializing activities. The benefits of team building may provide more than anyone in the business world has ever realized!

At CAREERXCHANGE, we are here to help employers guide their way toward building a successful team. Contact us today to learn more about the roles we play in helping businesses build their brand, employee morale, and overall productivity.

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