Is Your Office Prepared for Hurricane Irma? 

hurricane irma

Take the appropriate steps to secure your business.

Unplug and Elevate:

Once you’ve backed up your data and assured its security, make sure  to unplug all electronics including computers, cables, phones and any other devices to ensure a power surge does not affect them. Move your server to a secure area as well.

Formulate a hurricane preparedness plan, if you haven’t already:

Have a calling tree available where you can easily reach your team for emergency updates and news. Have supplies available in the office including water, generators and any other necessities.

Stay Informed:

Heed all warnings from local officials. Do not ignore safety advisories. You and your team’s safety comes first.
For more information on evacuation orders, emergency procedures and resources visit

Don’t delay. Be prepared, stay alert and stay safe.

hurricane irma

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