CAREERXCHANGE, Inc.® is, for a limited time only, upping their referral bonuses!  Refer new employees to us and receive $150.00 for everyone that works 480 hours on a temporary basis, industrial placements $50.00 after 480 hours.  Anyone placed in a Direct Hire position will earn a $250 bonus once they have completed the guarantee… Read more »


Leave a Lasting Impression Considering a variety of candidates, interviewing them and onboarding them can all be parts of a very strenuous hiring process. Not even the most seasoned professionals get through these tasks without experiencing some sort of difficulty. That’s why it’s important to brush up on your interviewing skills, ensuring you find the… Read more »


  Stand Out From the Pack: If you’ve been using the “nope, I’m good” response in an interview after being asked “do you have any questions for us?” – you may want to rethink your strategy.   Show your recruiter that you’re a proactive (and attentive) candidate by asking follow-up questions that distinguish you from… Read more »

  April 4th marks Equal Pay Day, bringing awareness to the differences in pay that exist between men and women in the current workforce.   Background: Equal Pay Day began in 1996 as an endeavor by the National Committee on Pay Equity to bring to light the obvious discrepancies between men and women’s wages for… Read more »

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Understand that confidence is key… We all feel we have shortcomings and areas in which we can improve, there’s no doubt about that. However, it is what we do with that knowledge that prepares us for success or failure. Leveraging our confidence is key – especially in a job search where competition is fierce and… Read more »


CAREERXCHANGE (WELLNESS) CXC’s new endeavor to bring you content rich in wellness and lifestyle tips for a healthy life, inside the office – and out.   The Power of Sleep: It was fascinating to learn that only 1/3 of adults get the CDC’s recommended 7 hours of sleep and those who do get less sleep… Read more »


Making the Best of a Tough Situation:  Unemployment is a turbulent, and often, weary time of uncertainty and wasted efforts. I can speak from personal experience that being unemployed almost feels like a full-time job – applying to 30-40 positions online daily, pursuing leads, scheduling coffee dates and sprucing up your resume for the 10th… Read more »

Thursday, March 30th, 2017, CAREERXCHANGE, Inc. will be attending the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce’s March Madness Event!   Being held at the infamous Biltmore Hotel, the event will feature an amazing networking opportunity with various local businesses as well as B2B showcases (and not to mention tastings from Coral Gables’ hottest restaurants and cocktails… Read more »


New Market, New Changes: The unemployment rate in Florida is the lowest it’s ever been since 2007 – 4.7%. With this surge in employment, companies are working even harder to retain their talent.   A Different Climate: Updating compensation, offering stock options and bonuses and using more flexible work hours or telecommuting are just some of… Read more »


A Gala for a Great Cause: CAREERXCHANGE, Inc. is so very honored to be a Gold Sponsor of Our Pride Academy, a school for special needs children and young adults in the Miami Dade County area. They have grown their class from a dozen to over 125 individuals and continue growing. That is why we… Read more »