Good news for small businesses and employers who prefer alternative healthcare plans.   “Late last year, Congress re-authorized Health Reimbursement Arrangements for business with fewer than 50 employees. As a result, these firms won’t risk large penalties on payments they provide to workers who purchase their own health insurance. “   Despite news circling… Read more »

  1.) Get a good night’s rest. Exercise at least 2 hours before bed, eat a light dinner and put away your devices in the bedroom (try putting them on Sleep Mode if you ABSOLUTELY need to be connected).   2.) Prep breakfasts (and lunches) the night before for a quick grab and go option…. Read more »

    It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised to learn just how many questionable fashion choices are made daily for, quite probably, the most professional (and modest) instance of a person’s life – the job interview.   We’re not saying to dress in a way that isn’t true to yourself but… Read more »

  Our workforce is changing – and it’s a wonderful thing. According to and the Census Bureau, “due to projected growth among Asian, Hispanic and multiracial groups, traditionally underrepresented populations will hit majority status by 2044”. We are a country that reflects the traditions, cultures and talents of all its inhabitants and because of… Read more »

  Trusting your career to a recruiter is a big deal. You know that their primary motivation (and compensation!) comes from employers, so how can you be sure that they’ll also keep your best interests in mind? Here’s what you need to ask to make sure you are partnering with the right firm. 1.) Do… Read more »

Google YOU: What Do Employers See When Searching Your Name Online? If your name has ever been on the internet, will it live on forever? While it may seem that way, there are actually ways to hide certain information from public searches, which you will read about further into this post. But let’s start with… Read more »

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CAREERXCHANGE® Makes Top 100 Best Companies List (July 21, 2016) — CAREERXCHANGE® was recently named one of Florida’s Best Companies To Work For. Ranked  #2  in Best Small companies to work for in Florida.   The annual Best Companies list is featured in the August issue of Florida Trend magazine. One-hundred… Read more »

R-E- S-P- E-C- T: How to Give It (and Get it) to Improve Coworker Communication Are you facing employee challenges due to lack of respectful communication? Respect is directly correlated to company morale. If an employee feels respected, they will treat others with respect. This is key to creating a harmonious and balanced work environment… Read more »