Bringing Back HRA’s and What it Means for your Small Firm

  Good news for small businesses and employers who prefer alternative healthcare plans.   “Late last year, Congress re-authorized Health Reimbursement Arrangements for business with fewer than 50 employees. As a result, these firms won’t risk large penalties on payments they provide to workers who purchase their own health insurance. “   Despite news circling… Read more »

5 Ways to Make Your Mornings the Easiest They’ve Ever Been

  1.) Get a good night’s rest. Exercise at least 2 hours before bed, eat a light dinner and put away your devices in the bedroom (try putting them on Sleep Mode if you ABSOLUTELY need to be connected).   2.) Prep breakfasts (and lunches) the night before for a quick grab and go option…. Read more »

How to Hit a Home Run During Your Next Phone Interview

So, you’ve gotten an email from a company responding to your submitted resume and the human resources manager or department head would like to set up a phone interview. Congratulations! All that time and effort you put into building and writing your resume has finally paid off. Now, you need to put in a little… Read more »

What to Do When You Get Crazy Interview Questions

Simply sitting down for a job interview can be unnerving enough, but what if the interviewer throws you a crazy curveball question: “If you could be any planet besides Earth, which one would you be?” Even if you knew a curveball was coming, it can be difficult to deal with. Do you take a swing?… Read more »

Take Your Budget to the Next Level

So you’ve set up a basic budget by figuring out your monthly income and expenses, setting aside a few bucks to splurge, starting to save and investing in your 401(k), but now what? Is there a way to further parse your budget and make your finances even more efficient? Of course there is, but to… Read more »

Budgeting 101: What Are the Basics?

Unless you’re a numbers geek, you probably hate budgeting. However, it’s something all responsible adults have to do, like eating your vegetables. Student loans, gas bills, credit card bills, auto insurance, and so on all have to be paid, and the best way to make those payments on time each month is to set up… Read more »

Are You Dealing with Stress on the Job?

Getting tasks accomplished throughout the workday can be hard enough, but when we feel stressed, even the smallest chores can feel like Herculean crusades. Unfortunately, stress comes with working a full-time job, so there’s really no avoiding it. However, there are a few steps you can take to effectively manage workplace stress. Generally speaking, these… Read more »

Do you Use Summer Interns? How Effective are They?

College interns can be a fresh new source of talent, able to bring youthful enthusiasm to any company. Interns can also be a distraction and might deter you organization or department from achieving its core mission. An internship program will be right for your company if you set clear goals for the program. If you’ve… Read more »

How to Get the Most out of Motivational Rewards and Incentives?

In a previous post, we discussed the best ways to motivate workers without having to resort to financial rewards. However, employees can only take so many encouraging pats on the head before that head starts to go numb. Sprinkling in some well-placed incentives can reinforce the regular encouragement and public recognition of top performers. Set… Read more »

How long can we expect gas prices to continue dropping?

It might be a controversial technique, but there’s no denying that fracking sure can cut into prices at the pump. We watched as gas prices dropped all through the latter half of 2014, but in early February, the price of oil seemed to suddenly rise – spurring all manner of click-bait headlines like, “Are high… Read more »