5 Ways to Make Your Mornings the Easiest They’ve Ever Been

  1.) Get a good night’s rest. Exercise at least 2 hours before bed, eat a light dinner and put away your devices in the bedroom (try putting them on Sleep Mode if you ABSOLUTELY need to be connected).   2.) Prep breakfasts (and lunches) the night before for a quick grab and go option…. Read more »

Diversity in the Workforce

  Our workforce is changing – and it’s a wonderful thing. According to SHRM.org and the Census Bureau, “due to projected growth among Asian, Hispanic and multiracial groups, traditionally underrepresented populations will hit majority status by 2044”. We are a country that reflects the traditions, cultures and talents of all its inhabitants and because of… Read more »

Checking out a Talent Acquisition Firm? Here Are 6 Things You Need to Know

  Trusting your career to a recruiter is a big deal. You know that their primary motivation (and compensation!) comes from employers, so how can you be sure that they’ll also keep your best interests in mind? Here’s what you need to ask to make sure you are partnering with the right firm. 1.) Do… Read more »

Want to Be Well Liked? Focus on These Three Factors

We all strive to be nice people, but there is a big difference between being nice and well liked – particularly in business. People who are well liked are memorable and top-of-mind when it comes to job opportunities. For this reason alone, you should make every effort to be liked by your peers and professional… Read more »

Are You Effectively Researching Companies during Your Job Search?

You’ve probably heard that before you go on an interview, you should research the company – but what exactly should you be looking for, and how can it help you land the job? Generally speaking, researching a company can tell you what kind of company it is, and what they are looking for in a… Read more »

Boost Your Brand. Bolster Your Career. Build Your Community

When reaching a certain point in your career, the analysis of your accomplishments moves beyond what takes place in your professional career. Executives love to see employees who continue to move up the corporate ladder, but hiring decisions can look beyond the professional accolades when job candidates have similar profiles. So what can you do… Read more »

How Do You Become a Standout Candidate?

Getting a “bite” on a resume can be exciting … and a bit scary. It means that a company is taking interest in you, but that also means an interview process and that includes a bit of performance on your part. The first thing you need to do is adopt a take-charge attitude: Being assertive… Read more »

Should You Accept A Counteroffer?

So you’ve decided to take that job offer you spent months looking, applying and interviewing for. But hold on a minute. Your current employer suddenly realizes you haven’t been appreciated lately and decides to come back with an even more generous counteroffer. All of a sudden, you’ve gone from faceless desk jockey to in-demand talent,… Read more »

Do you Want to Keep Employees Motivated Without Spending Additional Dollars?  

Do you want to keep your employees engaged, enthusiastic and motivated without adding to the budget?   but you’re feeling more miserly than Scrooge McDuck? Well, fear not, we here at CAREERXCHANGE have a few tips designed to keep your employees happy which we’ve developed and practice here at CAREERXCHANGE®. Show some gratitude and appreciation Nothing… Read more »