Bringing Back HRA’s and What it Means for your Small Firm

  Good news for small businesses and employers who prefer alternative healthcare plans.   “Late last year, Congress re-authorized Health Reimbursement Arrangements for business with fewer than 50 employees. As a result, these firms won’t risk large penalties on payments they provide to workers who purchase their own health insurance. “   Despite news circling… Read more »

ACA Basics – Did You Know You Have A Penalty If You Don’t Sign Up?

“It’s an attack on your freedom!” “It’s a necessary evil to get people healthcare!” No matter what your opinion on the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is – it is part of the law of the land and must be followed. The individual mandate is the part of the ACA that says a U.S. citizen… Read more »

Healthcare Reform Panel a Success

CAREERXCHANGE® part of panel on important national issue On October 8, 2013, Sue Romanos, President & CEO of CAREERXCHANGE®, was part of a panel discussing the new Healthcare Reform Law. The discussion centered around strategies and tactics to continue operational success.

White House Delays Key Element in Affordable Care Act

BREAKING NEWS: Today, the Administration announced a delay in a key piece of the Affordable Care Act concerning the employer’s requirement to provide coverage to employees, the so-called “pay or play” mandate. Effective today, the employer reporting requirement – where employers and insurers are required to report coverage that was offered to employees and which… Read more »